For The Future Of Cocoa 

Pest Management & Tree Health Pack

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Essential for the management of pests & diseases that destroy cocoa crops. 


This pack is a one (1) year program and includes:

  • Pest Management Tool Pack (for every 100 trees)
  • Intergrated Pest Management materials (including compost, folier spray, approved agrichemicals and fertlizer)
In farm training by a "Cocoa Carer" for: 
  • Pruning
  • Compost Allocation
  • Pest Management and the responsible use of agrichemicals


  1. Choose your desired package to suit your budget
  2. When Cocoa Care receives your support funds they will be allocated to one of the farmers identified on the website who requires integrated pest management.To minimize overhead and logistics costs, a minimum area equivalent to 100 trees will be treated at one time.
  3. You will be advised of the fund allocation via email. 
  4. You can then monitor the progress of your sponsorship via the supporters access page on this web site.


If you would like to support a particular farmer listed on the "meet the farmers" page, please contact us via the contact page.


Note to corporate sponsors: if you would like marketing materials to promote your cocoa sustainability program please contact us at:

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