For The Future Of Cocoa 

Design Your Own Program

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Cocoa Care is able to work with you to design, implement and manage a tailor made program to suit your particular interests ensuring your funds are allocated to achieve the biggest impact possible.  

Perhaps your particular interests are around tree replacement or rehabilitation, farmer training, soil rehabilitation, women in cocoa farms or other specific cocoa farm activities that will change lives and bring enduring sustainability to cocoa farms.

Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your ideas or answer any other questions you may have. 



  1. Contact us via email or phone to discuss your particular interest and budget
  2. We will prepare a proposal (one or multiple years as you wish) detailing activities, costs and timeframe for your consideration 
  3. Once approved, we will implement your program providing direct reports to you as well as either open or anonymous feedback via the Cococ Care website.
  4. Additional photographs and updates can be provided directly to you via email should you wish to promote your program in your own media. 
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