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Zainuddin Tatong

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Name: Zainuddin Tatong

Date of Birth: 10 August 1966

Family:  Ibu Hamisinah. Children; Marsuchi (boy) born 28 October 1994 attends a training college. Audina (girl) born 20 January 2001 is in Primary School.

Location:   District: Tamalate. Makassar, South Sulawesi

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  • Training on correct pruning techniques
  • Identifying pests and diseases
  • Harvest & maintenance schedules
  • Farm sanitation
  • Provides support to farmers
  • Key assistant for Cocoa Care activities incl. logistics
  • Provides farmer updates for the Cocoa Care web site
    • Communicator-  fluent in local village languages as 
    • well as Bahasa Indonesia and very good spoken English. 
Zainuddin Tatong family
* Photo of Zainuddin's Children: Marsuchi and Audina and his wife Hamisinah 

Zainuddin Tatong in front of his house
* Photo of Zainuddin's house



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