For The Future Of Cocoa 

Vision and Mission

Current State: 
  • Most cocoa farming families are struggling to make a living. 
  • High pest and disease load.
  • Ageing trees that are poorly maintained.
  • Depleted soil, poor soil diversity.
  • Poorly trained and ill-equipped farmers.
  • Some farmers are already abandoning cocoa for easier crops like oil palm and corn. 

  1. Prosperous cocoa farming families managing sustainable farming businesses and reinvesting profits into sustaining their farms.
  2. Well managed cocoa farms producing high quality cocoa at maximum productivity, in harmony with the environment.
  3. Strong cocoa communities with supporting health, education and social services with all necessary supporting infrastructure.

Cocoa Care Role: 

Helping cocoa farmers to lift themselves out of current difficulties and onto a path toward prosperity and long term sustainability. We do this by inspiring cocoa farming families to engage with their farms and improve sustainable management, providing training in good agricultural practices, necessary tools for the husband and wife team to more easily perform necessary farm management activities, and creating a successful demonstration area within the family farm which can be expanded by the family as they work together to rebuild their farms to become sustainable sources of family income. 

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