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Tools & Machinery

"Farmers need tools to perform basic Good Agricultural Practices"

Cocoa Farm tools and equipment

Farmer Tools

As most cocoa farmers lack the technical know-how to sustainably manage their cocoa farms, they also lack the tools required to perform the basic Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) of pruning, fertilizing, sanitation and frequent harvesting, or to successfully manage a cocoa tree nursery of composting operation.
To empower cocoa farmers to routinely apply GAP to increase farm profitability and long term sustainability, we provide simple pruning devices, grafting tools, foliar spray and agri-chemical spay equipment, personal protective equipment, chainsaws as necessary, composting machinery, nursery materials, and basic soil management and tree planting tools.

Cocoa Farming family tools

Family Unit Tools

We recognize that both husband and wife play equal but different roles in the cocoa farm and have developed appropriate tool kits to meet the needs of both partners in the cocoa farming family.
The male farmer kit provides the tools necessary for heavier work on the farm while the lady farmer kit provides lighter tools for pruning, harvesting and farm sanitation activities as well as to assist in the maintenance of health and nutrition needs while working in the farm.

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