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Cocoa Care Suprapto Profile PictureBio

Name: Suprapto

Date of Birth: 1952

Family: Wife: Hj. Sudihati (S.Sosial), Children: Vanilia Primadani (S. Economics), Bayu Kurniawan (S. Technical).

Location: Liliriaja, Soppeng, Sulawesi


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  • Suprapto has 30 years experience with the Indonesian agricultural extension service and during this time supported the ACDI / Voca Success Alliance cocoa program and for 8 years supported the Mars, Incorporated cocoa yield monitor.
  • Suprapto was also involved with the ACIAR / ICCRI / Mars research work to identify and validate better quality cocoa trees.
  • Suprapto retired from his public service position and now supports Cocoa Care as the Field Impact Monitor,  who routinely monitors the progress and real impacts of our on-farm activities.
  • He also supports the Cocoa Care team of cocoa carers to conducts soil and leaf samples, identify pests and diseases, prepare, harvest & maintenance schedules and provides general support to cocoa farmers.
  • Suprapto is also a cocoa farmer and routinely looks after his own farm.

Suprapto conducting farm monitoring Cocoa Carer Suprapto checking cocoa pod quality



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