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Replacing or Rehabilitating Trees

"Replacing old cocoa trees with new highly productive / more pest and disease resistant varieties"
replacing cocoa trees“Cocoa Care”  cocoa tree rehabilitation may involve the complete replacement of a non-productive, dead or diseased cocoa tree with a high productivity, top grafted seedling produced by a village based “Cocoa Carer”, or it may be sufficient to “side-graft” or "chupon graft" a non-productive but otherwise healthy cocoa tree with some highly productive ‘bud-wood”, which is also produced by the “Cocoa Carer.”

The cost of replacing one cocoa tree (including supplying the new top grafted seedling, fertilizer, etc.) is about $3.00 ($2,00 for side / chupon grafting) depending on the location and soil conditions, and a small cocoa farm of 1 ha could have as many as 1100 cocoa trees.  Depending on the number of cocoa trees needing to be replaced or rehabilitated the total cost of rehabilitating the cocoa trees on a typical family farm could be between $2000 - $3300 including the first year of fertilizer application. "Cocoa Care" programs aim to get a cocoa farm restarted and this might involve replacing or rehabilitating up to 250 cocoa trees, and providing the tools and training necessary so that the farmer can continue to reinvest in his farm himself to achieve its full potential. 

The new, highly productive cocoa trees will start to produce cocoa pods after approximately 14 – 18 months depending on the area and climatic conditions and after three years can produce between 1.5 – 3 metric tons of dry cocoa beans per annum with good management compared to the current Indonesian average productivity of around 0.7 Metric tones per ha.  This means a very substantial increase in livelihood for the cocoa farmer and his family putting them on the path to a much more economically sustainable future.

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