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Farmer Training - Pruning

Farmer Training

Farm management training is conducted by experienced cocoa farmer enterprise service providers, who understand the local culture, speak the local language, and have model farms of their own to demonstrate successful farm management techniques to other cocoa farmers.  Learn more.....




Replacing and rehabilitating trees

Replacing or Rehabilitating Trees

Cocoa tree rehabilitation may involve the complete replacement of a non-productive, dead or diseased cocoa tree with a high productivity, top grafted seedling produced by a village based Cocoa Carer or it may be sufficient to side-graft a non-productive but otherwise healthy cocoa tree with some highly productive bud-wood.  Learn more.....



rehabilitating soil

Rehabilitating Soil

Soil rehabilitation is based on rebuilding the core macro-nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Sulfur required to provide sustainably high productivity and, at the same time, replenishing organic materials and natural microorganisms to improve overall soil health.  Learn more..... 




Improving Farm DiversityImproving Farm Diversity

Environmental diversity and management programs will be introduced in coming months to increase the diversity of trees and other crops on the cocoa farm and provide practical solutions for better ongoing management of the impact of the farming activity on the environment.  Learn more.....




Tools and machinery

Tools & Machinery

To empower cocoa farmers to routinely apply GAP to increase farm profitability and long term sustainability, we provide simple pruning devices, grafting tools, foliar spray and agri-chemical spay equipment, personal protective equipment, chainsaws as necessary, composting machinery, nursery materials, and basic soil management and tree planting tools.  Learn more.....



cocoa care family programs

Family Programs

Cocoa Care recognises the critical role that women play in the family farm and provides specific tools, farm work aids and training identified by cocoa farming women as most important to their roles on the cocoa farm.  Learn more.....


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