For The Future Of Cocoa 

How Does It Work?

How cocoa care worksAs the CSI, "Cocoa Care" program taps into existing networks of demonstration and training facilities,  independent farmer enterprise cocoa tree nurseries, composting businesses and  technical service "extension service" providers ( who we call "Cocoa Carers") and leverages our own overheads established to purchase waste cocoa bark to make cocoa paper, we can offer an extremely efficient way for you to engage with cocoa farmers or even manage your own 'cocoa sustainability program" that you might not be able to do on your own. 

You can become a supporter of the "Cocoa Care" program simply by selecting how you would like to help and committing a budget amount.

In some cases you can choose where and to whom you would like your money to go or we can allocate the funds for you to achieve the biggest impact.

We will then execute the work for you employing the existing farmer based network and leveraging the work and resources that are already available to achieve a result that you will be able to see for yourself in the supporters section of this website.

Summary on the ways to help:

  - Cocoa Farmer: Re-plant cocoa trees, rehabilitate cocoa trees, send a farmer to training, provide tools.

  - Cocoa Carers: Provide training, materials / tools, equipment, technology.

  - Cocoa Families: Provide training and tools to women on cocoa farms. We will add other options to support farming families for education, health and hygiene in the future.

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