For The Future Of Cocoa 

Help Cocoa Farmers

With your help, over a three year period, a typical cocoa farming family will be able to double their farm income and even triple it in the 4th - 5th year.

Most Indonesian cocoa farms are small family businesses of around 1 ha (2.47 Acres) with up to 1,100 cocoa trees per hectare. The farm is managed by a husband and wife team who play equally important but different roles in their business and family unit.

The cocoa trees are old (15 - 25 years) and grown from seeds taken from the cocoa plantations in Malaysia.  Most farmers were never trained how to care for their cocoa or manage the soil or pests and diseases to achieve maximum profitability and sustainability. 

Cocoa Pod Borer (CPB) and diseases such as Vascular Streak Dieback (VSD) and "Black Pod", have reduced productivity by up to 50% in recent years and harvests fallen to only 300 - 600 kg of dry cocoa /ha/ year compared to 1.5 metric tons/ha, ten years ago. 

Even at moderately high international prices, current productivity levels are simply not enough to support the cocoa farming family and provide the future they want for their children.

While best practice solutions are available, cocoa farming families do not have the resources to repair their damaged farms and get back to an economically sustainable base from which they can rebuild a sustainable livelihood for themselves and future generations.

This is where YOU can help.

By working with "Cocoa Care", you can give a cocoa farming family a helping hand on a new path toward financial sustainability that will enable them to begin to reinvest in their own farms and build them to their full potential.

Over a three year period, a typical cocoa farming family will double their farm income and even triple it in the 4th - 5th year.  That means a return to the family of $26,000 over a ten year period after maintenance costs incurred by the farmer from the third year (est. $150 for tools and $3500 to replace and care for 1000 trees for two years).  Net farm income will have increased in that time from around $1,200/ year for a 1 hectare farm, to between $3000 and $4000 per year after maintenance costs.

In cases where the cocoa farm does not require complete replacement of the cocoa trees the investment required is lower and the returns can be the same.  For side grafting, the total investment required is around $100 for tools and up to $2500 for materials if all trees need grafting and in many cases the costs can be much lower again if the farm simply requires soil remediation and better application of best practices.

Please visit the "sponsor a program" page to explore specific "Cocoa Care" programs and costs.

* Based on a farm gate price of $2000/ metric ton, roughly equivalent to New York Terminal prices of $2300 / metric ton

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