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Help Cocoa Carers

"Cocoa Carers" are highly trained cocoa farmers who have well managed, high productivity demonstration farms, nurseries to produce the best quality, top grafted clonal cocoa seedlings and provide independent, private enterprise, agricultural extension services to other cocoa farmers.

There is a growing network of these expert farmer enterprise extension agents throughout Indonesia and the "Cocoa Care" program engages with them to help other cocoa farmers improve their farms and achieve long term sustainability.

"Cocoa Carers" are of critical importance to a truly sustainable cocoa sector as they will provide ongoing essential agricultural and management services, latest cocoa varieties and technology to cocoa farmers on a fee for service basis over the long term.

You can help a "Cocoa Carer" improve his /her services to other cocoa farmers by:

  • Providing more sophisticated tools (eg. chainsaws, composting machinery etc.) that are expensive one time purchases.
  • Improving the quality of a nursery or composting business,
  • Supporting "Cocoa Care", which pays "Cocoa Carers" for their services
  • You can also help to train more "Cocoa Carers" in areas where more training and extension services support is required
  • Engagement - follow the progress of your support via the web site

 There are currently not enough "Cocoa Carers" to support all of the training needs and "Cocoa Care" is identifying and supporting the development of more "Cocoa Carers" to meet the growing demand.      

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