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Farmer Usman

Name: Usman

Date of Birth: 1970

Family:  Wife; Rahmaniar. Children; Miftahul 16 year old girl in highschool (SMA), Falizie 13 year old boy in primary school (SMP), Alfan 11 year old boy in primary school (SD)

Location: Mallekana, District: Marioriwawo


Farm Details

  • Area: 3 Hectare in two locations. 0.5ha + 2.5ha .

Farm Issues (0.5ha plot)

  • Basic training and some skills with side grafting and nursery management.
  • Moderate issues with pests & diseases can be better managed.
  • Farm practices require further upgrading.
  • Cocoa layout is good but more shade management required.
  • Cocoa trees are largely newer clonal varieties requiring further care.

Farm Productivity

  • Total harvest per year = +/- 600 kg.
Photo of Usman and Rahmaniar

Farm History:
  • Usman works on the farms with his father.
  • The additional 0.5ha cocoa farm was purchased by Usman two years ago (+/- 2010)
Photo of Usman's house
Program Active 2013
Agusman's Needs: 
Description   Status
  In Field TrainingCompleted
  In Class TrainingCompleted
  Pruning shears Completed
  Knapsack SprayerCompleted
  Personal Safety EquipmentCompleted
  FertilizerIn Progress


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