For The Future Of Cocoa 

Farmer Umar P.


Name: Umar P.

Date of Birth: 1952

Family: Wife: A. Naju and two daughters, both married to cocoa farmers

Location:  Bujung Bakke, Soppeng, Sulawesi Selatan

Farm Details

  • Area: 1.0 Hectare of flat land with good soil.
  • Cocoa is planted in a 3M x 3M pattern and was side grafted in 2008.
  • Shade is provided with both coconut and gliricidia trees.

Farm Issues

  • Cocoa pod borer and black pod are the main pest and diseases issues.
  • Very basic farm practices applied although fertilizer application has been to recommended levels.
  • Consistent application of good agricultural practices required together with appropriate soil management.
  • Approximately 94 cocoa trees are dead and require replacing.

Farm Productivity

  • Total harvest per year = +/-900 kg.
  • Umar and Naju hope to increase productivity to 2 tonnes per year.

    Photo of Umar and his wife A. Naju.

    Farm History

    • Umar's farm was passed down to him by his parents and he planted cocoa 15 years ago. Over the years Umar has become one of the senior influencers in his village as well as the head of the local cocoa farmer group.
    • Umar and A.Naju continue to very actively work their farm, with Naju being involved in all but the heaviest farm activities.
    • Umar's son in law, Nurdin, often helps on Umar's farm as do other members of the farmer group.

    Photo of Umar and Naju’s family house.


    Program Active  2013
    Umar's Needs:  
    Description    Status
      In Field Training Completed
      In Class Training Completed
      Tall pruning tool / pole Completed
      Pruning Shears Completed
      Knapsack Sprayer Completed
      Fertilizer In Progress
      Pest Management Materials In Progress
    Seedlings (94 +/-) Waiting
    Waiting for Sponsorship  
    Naju's Needs:  
    Description Status
    Financial Mgmt Training Waiting
      Pruning Shears Waiting
      Wheelbarrow Completed
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