For The Future Of Cocoa 

Farmer Training

"Farm management training teaches farmers how to better care for their Cocoa "

“Cocoa Care” farm management training is conducted by experienced cocoa farmer enterprise service providers, who understand the local culture, speak the local language, and have model farms of their own to demonstrate successful farm management techniques to other cocoa farmers.

By engaging this network of experienced cocoa farmers as "Cocoa Care" providers together with an established network of public and private demonstration and training facilities we can empower you to make a difference. 

The first step is to engage and inspire farmers by directly showing them farms that consistently achieve productivity of 2 or 3 metric tons per hectare.  This provides motivation for subsequent training and the most critical phase of adoption and implementation back on their own farm.

After formal Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training, the farmer is further supported by trained field extension agents to implement and put his training into practice back at his own farm.

For this purpose we employ and work to further expand a growing network of independently owned and operated farmer enterprise "Cocoa Care" providers who have the extensive training and experience required to rehabilitate a struggling cocoa farm to become a sustainable livelihood provider for that cocoa farming family.

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