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Farmer Supriadi


Name: Supriadi

Date of Birth: 1979

Family: Wife: Nurhayati and one son, Resky Aditya (3 years old)

Location:  Marioriwawo, Soppeng, South Sulawesi 

Farm Details

  • Area: 1.0 Hectare in two plots. 0.5 ha + 0.5 ha about 100M apart.
  • Both areas are flat with less than ideal soil.
  • The cocoa is planted in a 3M x 3M pattern and, while one plot side grafted in 2009, the other plot is not taken care of at all and requires significant investment.
  • There is no shade provided.

Farm Issues

  • Cocoa pod borer and black pod are the major pests and disease issues.
  • Very basic farm practices are applied.
  • The farm needs consistent application of good agricultural practices and ongoing soil management.
  • The second 0.5 ha plot requires clearing and replanting.

Farm Productivity

  • Total harvest per year = 800 kg/ha from both plots.
  • Supriadi and Nurhayati hope to achieve 2 tonne per ha.

    Photo of Supriadi with his wife Nurhayati and their son.

    Farm History

    • The farm was given to Supriadi by his parents and one of the 0.5 ha plots was side grafted in 2009.
    • Nurhayati is also active in the farm mainly helping with the harvesting, farm sanitation and post harvest processing.






    Program Active 2013
    Supriadi's Needs: 
      In Field TrainingCompleted
      In Class TrainingCompleted
      Tall pruning tool / poleCompleted
      Pruning ShearsCompleted
      Knapsack SprayerCompleted
      Personal Safety EquipmentCompleted
      FertilizerIn progress
      Pest Management MaterialsIn progress
    Seedlings (80+/-)Need Sponsor
    ShadeNeed Sponsor
    Waiting for Sponsorship 
    Nurhayati's Needs: 
    Financial Mgmt TrainingWaiting
      Pruning ShearsWaiting
      Safety ShoesWaiting
      Food CarrierWaiting
      Water CarrierWaiting
      Carry BasketWaiting
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