For The Future Of Cocoa 

Farmer Sumange


Name: Sumange

Date of Birth: 1973

Family:  Wife; Ibu Salsia. Children; Lisna Susiana, 12 year old girl in primary school. 

Location:  Goarle, District: Marioriwawo.


Farm Details

  • Area: 3 Hectare in two plots. 2.0 ha + 1.0 ha (1.0 ha is unplanted).


Farm Issues

  • Heavy pest & disease infestation- Cocoa Pod Border, VSD, Black Pod, trunk cancer and others.
  • Very basic farm practices applied / limited to no shade trees.
  • Cocoa trees are old, low productivity hybrids and many require replacing.
  • Only very basic training.
  • Needs tools and equipment.

Farm Productivity

  • Total harvest per year = +/-200 kg /ha.
  • Sumange hopes to achieve 4 ton total per year within the next 3 years. 
Photo of Sumange and Salsia.

Photo of Sumange and Salsia with their daughter Lisna Susiana.

Farm History
  • The farm is family land passed down to Sumange. 
  • In 1999 Sumange and his father planted cocoa.
  • Sumanges father has passed away leaving Sumange to take over the farm.

General Information
  • Salsia very much helps in the farm performing Pruning, harvesting, drying and other farm related activities. In addition, Salsia takes care of the family home and their daughter. 
  • Sumange has the potential to be a successful cocoa farmer but requires training and some initial support to get him going.
Photo of Sumage and Salsias' family home.
Program Active  2013
Sumanges Needs:  
Description Status
  In Field Training   Completed
  In Class Training Completed
  Tall puning tool / pole Completed
  Handsaw Completed
  Machete Completed
  Hoe Completed
  Pruning Shears Completed
  Crowbar Completed
  Nylon String  Completed
  Knapsack Sprayer Completed
  Measurement Meter Completed
  Shovel Completed
  Personal Safety Equipment Completed
  Fertilizer In Progress
  Pest Management Materials In Progress
Seedlings (250) Completed
Shading Completed
Soil Testing Completed
Program Active  2013
Nurlaelahs Needs:  
Description Status
Financial Mgt Training Waiting
  Pruning Shears Completed
  Gloves Completed
  Safety Shoes Completed
  Mask Completed 
  Food Carrier Completed
  Water Carrier Completed
  Carry Basket Completed
  Wheelbarrow Completed


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