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Farmer Muing


Name: Muing

Date of Birth: 1948

Family:  Wife: Sinang. Their children are all married and living elsewhere.

Location: Lamuru, Soppeng, South Sulawesi



Farm Details

  • Area: 1 ha of flat land with good soil.
  • The cocoa is planted on a 3.5M x 3.5 M pattern and was side grafted in 2007.
  • Shade is provided with gliricidia trees.

Farm Issues

  • Cocoa pod borer and black pod are the biggest pest and disease issues.
  • Very basic farm practices applied but Muing has not practiced pruning at all and does not understand the principles of good agricultural practices.
  • Consistent application of GAP is required along with good soil management.
  • There are about 151 dead trees that require replacing.

Farm Productivity

  • Total harvest per year = +/-900 kg /ha.
  • Muing and Sinang hope to achieve 2 tonne /ha.

    Photo of Muing and his wife Sinang.

    Farm History

    • Muing and Sinang continue to work the farm passed on by Muing's father.
    • The cocoa was side grafted in 2008 working together with the local farmer group but it has not been well maintained due to the low level of understanding of GAP.
    • Sinang is active on the farm particularly with harvesting, sanitation and drying.

    Photo of Muing and Sinang’s family home.


    Program Active  2013
    Muing's Needs:  
    Description    Status
      In Field Training Completed
      In Class Training Completed
      Tall pruning tool / pole Completed
      Handsaw Completed
      Pruning Shears Completed
      Knapsack Sprayer Completed
      Personal Safety Equipment Completed
      Fertilizer In Progress
      Pest Management Materials In Progress
    Seedling (151 +/-) Need Sponsor
    Waiting for Sponsorship  
    Sinang's Needs:  
    Description Status
      GAP Training - on farm Waiting
      Financial Mgmt Training Waiting
      Pruning Shears Waiting
      Safety Shoes Waiting
      Mask Waiting
      Wheelbarrow Completed
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