For The Future Of Cocoa 

Farmer Firman


Name: Firman

Date of Birth: 1977

Family: Wife: Kamasse, and one son, Fitran (8yrs) in primary school

Location:  Lamuru, Soppeng, South Sulawesi

Farm Details

  • Area: 1.0 hectare in two plots of 0.5 ha each of flat land with good soil.
  • The cocoa is planted in a 3.5M x 3.5M pattern and one plot of 0.5 ha was side grafted in 2009.The other plot remains unmanaged.
  • Shade is provided with gliricidia.


Farm Issues

  • Cocoa pod borer and black pod are the biggest  pest and disease issues.
  • Very basic farm practices applied and one plot receives very small amounts of fertilizer as funds allow.
  • The farm requires consistent application of GAP and better soil management.
  • There are about 110 dead trees that require replacing.

Farm Productivity

  • Total harvest per year = +/-400 kg.
  • Firman and Kamasse hope to achieve 1 tonne harvest from their farm.

    Photo of Firman and his wife Kamasse.

    Farm History

    • The farm was given to Firman by his parents, and they continue to live in the family home.
    • Kamasse is very involved with all activities on the farm, including pruning, sanitation work, harvesting and post harvest processing.

    Photo of Firman and Kamasse’s family home.



    Program Active  2013
    Firmans' Needs:  
    Description    Status
      In field training Completed
      In class training Completed
      Tall pruning tool / pole Completed
      Handsaw Completed
      Pruning shears Completed
      Knapsack sprayer Completed
      Crowbar Completed
      Personal safety equipment Completed
      Fertilizer In Progress
      Pest Management Materials In Progress
      Seedlings (110 +/-) Waiting
    Program Active  2013
    Kamasse's needs  
    Description Status
    Financial Mgmt training         Waiting
      Pruning Shears Completed
      Safety Shoes Completed
      Water carrier Completed
      Gloves Completed
      Food carrier Completed
      Wheelbarrow Completed


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