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Farmer Darwis Aras


Name: Darwis Aras

Date of Birth: 1969

Family: Wife; Ibu Wahidah. Children; Rezki 18 year old girl in highschool (SMA). Idris 16 year old boy in highschool (SMA). Adit 10 year old boy in Primary school (SD). Afief 6 year old boy in preschool (TK)

Location: Takalala, District: Marioriwawo

Farm Details

  • Area: 3.3 Hectare in three separate locations. 1.4ha, 1.2ha, 0.7ha.
  • The cocoa is planted on a 3 M x 3 M pattern and the trees were side grafted 6 years ago.

Farm Issues

  • Cocoa pod borer, black pod are VSD the main pest and disease issues.
  • Only basic farm practices applied, farm practices require improvement.
  • Cocoa trees are old, common hybrid, low productivity cocoa.
  • Only basic training in cocoa farm management.
  • Cocoa and shade trees require more frequent and appropriate pruning.

    Farm Productivity

    • 1 ton per year from the 1.4 ha farm (est. 715 kg/ha).
    • Darwis hopes to increase his production to 2.5 ton per year (1.8 ton/ha).

      Photo of Darwis and his wife Wahidah.

      Farm History

      • Darwis's father started the farm planting corn, casava and other crops.
      • Wahidha is very involved with all activities on the farm, including pruning, sanitation work, harvesting, post harvest processing and working in the nursery. In addition, Wahidha manages the family home and cares for their small children.
      • Darwis planted cocoa 20 years ago (+/- 1992).
      • Early on, the 1.4 ha farm used to produce 2 ton per year (1.4 ton/ha).

      General Information

      • To educate Darwis's high school children costs $500 each per year. Total education for all 3 children costs $1,050 per year or about the same at the price of 500kg of cocoa.
          Photo of Darwis and Wahidha family home.

          Program Active2013
          Darwis' Needs:
          Description Status
            In Field TrainingCompleted
            In Class TrainingCompleted
            Cocoa Carer TrainingIn Progress
            Tall pruning poleCompleted
            Pruning ShearsCompleted
            Knapsack SprayerCompleted
            Personal Safety EquipmentCompleted
            Advanced ToolsNeed Sponsor
            FertilizerIn Progress
            Pest Management MaterialsIn Progress
          Program Active2013
          Wahidah's Needs:
          Financial Mgmt TrainingWaiting
            Pruning ShearsCompleted
            Safety ShoesCompleted
            Food CarrierCompleted
            Water CarrierCompleted


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