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Farmer Ariadi

Cocoa Farmer Ariadi


Name: Ariadi

Date of Birth: 1984

Family:  Ariadi is not yet married. 

Location: Jennae, Liliriaja, South Sulawesi



Farm Details

  • Area: 1 hectare in a single farm with sloping land and fertile soil.
  • The cocoa is planted on a 3m x 3m pattern and some of the cocoa trees was side grafted in 2010.
  • The farm is shaded with coconut and gliricidia trees. 

Farm Issues

  • Cocoa pod borer and black pod are the biggest pest and disease issues.
  • Very low levels of fertilizer are applied as funds allow.
  • Only very basic farm practices are applied. 
  • Consistent application of good agricultural practices is required along with good soil management for optimum productivity.
  • There are a large number of dead trees on this farm. 308 trees needs replacing which is approximately 31.24% of the farm.
  • A small number of trees (25 trees) are not productive and require rehabilitation. 

Farm Productivity

  • Total harvest per year = +/-150 kg per hectare. 
  • Farm productivity can be greatly increased through the application of GAP & good soil management along combined with a tree replacement program.

    Photo of Ariadi and his sister.

    Farm History

    • The farm was owned by Ariadi's parent who passed the farm onto him to manage. He side grafted about 270 of of his trees in 2010. 
    • Ariadi's sister helps him in the farm with harvesting and post harvesting work.

    Photo of Ariadi's family home.


    Program Active 2014
    Ariadi's Needs: 
    Description         Status
      In Field TrainingCompleted
      In Class Training Completed
      Tall pruning tool / poleCompleted
      Pruning ShearsCompleted
      Knapsack Sprayer Completed
      Personal Safety Equipment Completed
      FertilizerIn Progress
      Pest Management MaterialsIn Progress
    Seedlings (308 +/-)  Waiting
    Budwood (25 +/-)Waiting
    Shade Waiting


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