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Farmer Anis


Name: Anis

Date of Birth: 1964

Family: Wife; HJ Nurbaya. Children; Nurafni 16 year old girl in senior high school (SMA

Location: District: Marioriwawo, Soppeng, South Sulawesi


Farm Details

  • Area: 2.3 Hectare total area in three locations, 0.5ha in flat location with good soil and two other locations of 0.8ha and 1.0 ha in more remote locations with poorer, rocky soil.
    • Cocoa trees are planted in a 3m x 3m pattern and the 0.5ha plot was side grafted in 2009.
    • Shade trees include coconut and gliricidia.

    Farm Issues

    • Cocoa pod borer and black pod are evident in all locations.
    • Farm practices, GAP, require improvement. 
    • More remote locations require significant cocoa tree rehabilitation and soil remediation.
    • General level of training remains low.
    • There are approximately 57 dead cocoa trees that require replacing.

      Farm Productivity

      • Total harvest per year = +/- 300 kg from the 0.5 hectare farm (est. 600kg/ha).

        Photo of Anis and his wife Nurbaya.

        Farm History

        • Anis planted cocoa on family land 12 years ago (+/- 2001) and bought this smaller farm himself and side grafted the cocoa trees four years ago.
        • Anis has the potential to be a successful cocoa farmer but requires training and some initial support to get him going.




              Program Active 2013
              Anis' Needs:
              Description Status
                In Field Training Completed
                In Class Training Completed
                Tall pruning pole Completed
                Handsaw Completed
                Pruning Shears Completed
                Knapsack Sprayer Completed
                Crowbar Completed
                Personal Safety Equipment Completed
                Fertilizer In Progress
                Pest Management Materials In Progress
              Seedlings (57+/-) Waiting
              Waiting for Sponsorship  
              Hj Nurbaya's needs:
              Description Status
              Financial Mgmt Training Waiting
                Pruning Shears Waiting
                Gloves Waiting
                Safety Shoes Waiting
                Mask Waiting
                Food Carrier Waiting
                Water Carrier Waiting
                Wheelbarrow Completed
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