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Farmer Amri

Farmer Amri Profile photoBio

Name: Amri

Date of Birth: 1968

Family: Wife: Darmi, Febi 5 year old girl (born 2010), not yet in school

Location:  Lamuru, Soppeng, South Sulawesi  

Farm Details

  • Area: 1.5 hectare in two plots (1.0 ha being farmed and 0.5ha alongside not being farmed), flat location with good soil.
  • Cocoa is planted in a 3M x 3M pattern and the 1 ha plot was side grafted in 2009.
  • Shade trees include coconut and gliricidia.

Farm Issues

  • Cocoa pod borer and black pod and the biggest pest and disease issues.
  • Very basic farm practices applied to the 1 ha plot while the 0.5 ha plot is left un-worked due to lack of funds for the necessary rehabilitation.
  • Cocoa trees that were side grafted 3.5 years ago are provided very limited fertilizer as funds permit.
  • Needs consistent application of GAP and good soil management.
  • There are approximately 115 dead trees that require replacing. 

    Farm Productivity

    • Total harvest per year = +/-400kg per year from the 0.5 ha farm. (est. 800 kg /ha).
    • Amri hopes to achieve 2 tonne per year.

      Photo of Amri, his wife Darmi and their daughter Febi.

      Farm History

      • Amri's father started the farm and passed it onto Amri.
      • Darmi is very involved with all activities on the farm, including pruning, sanitation work, harvesting and post harvest processing in addition to managing the family home.
      Photo of Amri and his wife Darmi with their daughter Febi in their family farm.

      Program Active
      Amri's Needs:
      Description    Status
        In Field Training Completed
        In Class Training Completed
        Tall pruning tool / pole  Completed
        Handsaw  Completed
        Pruning Shears  Completed
        Knapsack Sprayer  Completed
        Personal Safety Equipment Completed
        Fertilizer  In Progress
        Pest Management Materials In Progress
      Seedlings (115 +/-)
      Waiting for Sponsorship
      Darmi's Needs: 
      Description Status
      Financial Mgmt Training
        Pruning Shears Waiting
        Gloves Waiting
        Safety Shoes Waiting
        Mask Waiting
        Food Carrier Waiting
        Water Carrier Waiting
        Carry Basket Waiting
        Wheelbarrow Completed
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