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Farmer Agusman

Cocoa Farmer Agusman

Name: Agusman

Date of Birth: 1980

Family:  Wife; Ibu Asniah. Children; Adella 7 year old girl in primary school. Ahpabil 1.5 year old boy not yet in school.

Location:   Bunne, Village: Goarie, District: Marioriwawo

Farm Details

  • Area: 3 Hectare in three separate locations


Farm Issues

  • Pest & disease infestations, including Cocoa Pod Borer and VSD.
  • Farm practices require improvement.
  • Shade trees are insufficient and layout of cocoa planting is irregular.
  • The trees are old and from common, low productivity hybrid cocoa.
  • Only very basic training.
  • Nursery is very basic and not producing high quality material.
  • Nursery uses common non-UV plastic for roofing.

Farm Productivity

  • Harvest 50 kg per hectare once per month during harvest season.
  • Total harvest per year = +/-300 kg /ha.
  • Agusman hopes to achieve 2 ton / hectare in 3 years time. 

Cocoa Farmer Agusman and his parents
Photo of Agusman with his mother and father

Farm History
  • Agusman's father started the business in 1970.
  • Up until 1990, production was +/- 600 kg per month. Double the current productivity. 
  • In year 2000, half of the trees were replaced using seedlings from common seed.
Agusman's House
Photo of Agusman's house

Program Active 2013
Agusman's Needs: 
Description   Status
  In Field TrainingCompleted
  In Class TrainingCompleted
  Tall pruning tool / poleCompleted
  Pruning shearsCompleted
  Grafting KnifeCompleted
  Nylon stringCompleted
  Plastic for side graftingCompleted
  Knapsack SprayerCompleted
  Hand SprayerCompleted
  Measurement MeterCompleted
  Oil & PetrolCompleted
  Personal Safety EquipmentCompleted
  FertilizerIn Progress
  Pest Management MaterialsIn Progress
  Seedlings (200 +/-)Completed
  Shade Completed


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