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"Women play a critical role in the family farm"

Cocoa Farming family

The vast majority of Indonesian cocoa farms are managed by a family unit where a husband and wife team undertake equally important and complimentary roles in the day to day farm activities. 

The family often lives in the house built by their parents in better times and struggle to make ends meet as they endure the problems of aging trees, poor soil condition, pests and diseases with little or no formal training in good cocoa farming practices. 

In a typical family farm unit, the men undertake the bulk of the heavier work, while the women help with light pruning, farm sanitation, harvesting, post harvest processing and drying as well as in the management of farm finances.

The women are also busy managing the family home, raising infant children and supporting family health, hygiene and education matters.

"Cocoa Care" recognizes the critical role that women play in the family farm and provides specific tools, farm work aids and training identified by cocoa farming women as most important to their roles on the cocoa farm.

While our first priority is to increase productivity, quality, safety and environmental awareness on the cocoa farm as a means to increase family incomes to sustainable levels, we will add other options to support farming families for education, health and hygiene in the future. 

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