For The Future Of Cocoa 

Dr. Sikstus Gusli


Name:   Dr. Sikstus Gusli

Residence:    Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Nationality:   Indonesian

Current Position: Professor at Hasanuddin University, Management team at Cocoa Sustainability Partnership  



Dr. Gusli has been heavily engaged with cocoa development in Indonesia (problem and strategic issue identification, program planning, implementation and supervisions), research and cocoa farmer empowerment since 1998. He has been the technical supervisor and program coordinator of ASKINDO’s cocoa farmer empowerment since 2000, involved with management of the Cocoa Sustainability partnership since 2006, team leader of cocoa development program advisory board of the province of West Sulawesi since 2007, consultant for IFC (2012-2013) on technical matters/agronomy, focusing on fertilizer application and crop management and the director of Research Center for Natural Resources and Marine Resources of Hasanuddin University. 

His work at Hasanuddin University has focused on cocoa innovation programs and development since 2005. He was instrumental in convincing the government of West Sulawesi and the national government to provide financial support and run strategic cocoa programs, such as the West Sulawesi Cocoa Initiative Program (run since 2007), facilitated the policy decision process so that West Sulawesi focuses on cocoa to stimulate its economic development, and facilitated the national program called “National Initiative for Cocoa Production and Quality Improvement” for 15 provinces in Indonesia. Furthermore, through a cooperative program between West Sulawesi government, Hasanuddin University and Directorate General of High Education, he leads a cocoa program aimed to trigger district economic development, in which zero waste system and integrated sustainable cocoa production are introduced. 

In addition to working in cocoa programs, Dr. Gusli is an active professor in soil physics at Hasanuddin University. He earned his Bachelor of Soil Science from Hasanuddin University in his home city, Makassar, a Master of Science in Soil Physics from the University of New England, and his PhD from the University of Adelaide.  

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