For The Future Of Cocoa 

Current Issues & Ways to Help

Teaching Farmers to pruneFarmers learn to plant trees


  • Cocoa Farm rehabilitation and management
  • GAP (Good Agricultural Practices); pruning, sanitation, soil management, integrated pest & disease management 
  • Quality and post harvest practices
  • Managing shade trees 
  • Safety
  • Environmental sustainability     

Pruning treesFarmer Agusman clears his farm
  • Structural pruning .. for shape and easy harvest
  • Sanitation Pruning - to remove pest and disease affected limbs and pods
  • Pruning to maximize productivity
  • Pruning shade trees to optimize shade
  • Waste bark stripping for cocoa paper    

Replacing Cocoa Trees:Farm ClearingTree Planting
  • Purchase new seedlings
  • Remove old trees and stumps
  • Digging holes & planting shade
  • Composting, fertilizing new trees
  • Care of new trees for maximum productivity
  • Cost = $3/tree (includes seedling, planting costs, first year fertilizer and tools (based on 250 trees at a time))

SidegraftingSidegraftingSide Grafting:
  • Improving non productive trees by grafting a new branch from a better tree onto the old tree
  • Selection and preparation of grafting material
  • Selection and grafting suitable older trees
  • Care of newly grafted cocoa trees
  • Removal of the old tree parts
  • Cost = $2/tree including first year fertilizing (based on 250 trees at one time)

Soil Rehabilitation:
  • Evaluation of soil needs
  • Drainage and soil condition / pH
  • Application of soil modifiers and basic nutrients
  • Maintenance fertilizing (NPK) for productivity and compost for restoring soil carbon and soil condition       
  • Cost $2.75 / tree (including soil test, compost and set of tools based on 100 trees at a time)

Pest ManagementPest ManagementIntegrated Pest and Disease Management
  • Application of foliar fertilizers for tree health
  • Use of soil microflora to control soil borne diseases
  • Pruning for pest and disease control
  • Frequent harvesting and tree sanitation
  • Responsible use of agri-chemicals
  • Cost $2.95 / tree (includes tools and protective equipment based on 250 trees at a time)   

Shade Trees and Farm DiversityGoatsImprove Shade and Farm Diversity:
  • Planting shade trees
  • Use of shade trees for Nitrogen fixation
  • Use of higher added value shade for longer term; hardwood trees
  • Including farm animals (goats)
  • Integrating other crops

Farm tools chainsawFarm tools and equipmentTools   
  • For pruning  = $38
  • For replanting = $153 ( not including chain saw)
  • For Soil management = $126.5
  • For pest and disease control = $117
  • Ladies tools and safety equipment = $47

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