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Name: Askar

Date of Birth: 7th October, 1992

Family: Single 

Location: Cacaleppeng, Soppeng, Sulawesi


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 Bio Data and Capabilities

  • Askar is the youngest of 4 children of a cocoa farming family located in the Soppeng area of South Sulawesi.
  • He recently graduated from the Agricultural College in Pangkep having studied Agriculture and specifically "Estate Crops," including cocoa.
  • As part of Askar's practical training, he spent 3 months working together with the Mars Incorporated, cocoa sustainability group to get the latest cocoa knowledge and subsequent to graduation continued to work with Mars to expand his understanding of cocoa technology and farmer education.
  • Askar has particular experience with "in farm" composting and will support the Cocoa Care "Composting Station" program in addition to his role as a program impact monitor.

Working with Cocoa Care Monitor, Pak Suprapto, to learn the Cocoa Care impact monitor system.






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