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Cocoa Carer Ahmar

Name: Askar

Date of Birth: 6th May, 1978

Family: Wife: Masnawati and three children. 17 yr old daughter Fitri Nurcahyani (b.1998), 10 yr old son Riski Aditia (b.2005) and 6 yr old daughter Nikita Cahyani (b.2009). 

Location: Lilirilau, Soppeng, Sulawesi 


 Bio Data and Capabilities

  • Ahmar's farm, which he inherited, is completely run down and needs to be totally replaced.
  • He is an energetic and bright young man. though and has demonstrated excellent learning and training ability
  • He has also established a small nursery working together with Cocoa Carer Darwis, who recognised his skill and has supported him to also become a Cocoa Carer in the Paroto / Tinco area.

Cocoa Carer and Cocoa Farmer Ahmar with his wife Masnawati and youngest daughter Nikita Cahyani.




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