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Kahar's New Trees & Sidegrafting

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

January 2014 was a very happy month for Farmer Kahar as he received and planted his new superior quality top grafted cocoa tree seedlings, with the help of Cocoa Carer Darwis, as a part of your program. 

Kahar had lost trees over the years due to age and pest & diseases so these new trees will significantly help him and his family increase farm productivity and help them onto a path for a brighter future.

Your trees will begin to fruit in about 18 months and from mid 2016 onwards your trees should be producing up to 2kg of cocoa each year or enough to make about 2.3 kg of 70% dark chocolate, about three to four times the current average production of a “typical” cocoa tree in the world today.

In about 9 months time, the main tree / old trunk of the newly sidegrafted trees will be cut away giving the new sidegrafted shoot all the nutrients. In the meantime, Kahar can still harvest fruit from the main tree. The new shoot will begin to fruit in much the same timeframe as the new cocoa tree seedlings although slightly quicker. 

Exciting times for Kahar! 

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