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2014 Harvest Season

Posted on August 17, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 1 comment

Kusnadi and Wahyuni having been working extremely hard this year maintaining their farm, fertilizing, pruning, sanitising etc in order to maximise their productivity potential for the 2014 main harvest period. The main crop is typically June, July & August depending on weather patterns. 

Most farmers, including Kusnadi, have witnessed the decline in the cocoa productivity over the years due to poorly managed farms.

Thanks to The National Confectioners Association's sponsorship this year is a very different story for Kusnadi and Wahyuni who report they have not seen this many cocoa pods on their trees in a very long time. 

While the 2014 harvest season will continue through to the end of August, we are expecting Kusnadi and Wahyuni to see a productivity increase of approximately 90%.

So how did Kusnadi and Wahyuni increase their productivity? The sponsorship received by NCA allowed Kusnadi to:

  • attend training in GAP (good agricultural practices) which taught him how to manage his farm in a sustainable way,
  • own the essential tools required to manage their farm effectively & efficiently
  • give the right nutrients to his trees through the fertilizers provided to him. 
  • manage pest & disease issues that contributed to the decline in his productivity. 
  • have access to ongoing support and guidance from a Cocoa Carer. 

In addition, as Kusnadi and Wahyuni also received 150 highly productive cocoa tree seedlings as a part of the NCA's program they can expect to do even better in the 2015 / 2016 harvest season than they did this year.




  • Susan

    This is good news indeed; thanks for sharing! A 90% increase in productivity is very impressive.


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