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Meeting Kusnadi

Posted on February 04, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

It was a wonderful surprise for Kusnadi to find us at Cocoa Carer Aris' house during a recent field trip with guests from fellow Cocoa Care supporter IPNI. 

His beaming smile was the first thing we noticed and his whole posture reflected new found confidence and gratitude for the help he was receiving as a part of your sponsorship program. 

Kusnadi pictured with Cocoa Care's Managing Director Kate Janetski 

We took the opportunity to explain to Kusnadi who his sponsor was. Kusnadi, with a sparkle in his eye, was amazed that an organisation across the other side of the world cared enough about him, about cocoa, to give him a helping hand.

Kusnadi the hunched over, sad looking man, is becoming a confident and happy farmer who is showing great promise to become a very successful cocoa farmer. 

Thank you NCA!

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