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Tools Bring Smiles

Posted on December 30, 2013 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Kusnadi, like most cocoa farmers, lacks the tools required to perform the basic Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) of pruning, fertilizing, sanitation, integrated pest management and frequent harvesting. 

In the past, Kusnadi has not had the right tools to do the necessary work, and in some cases has had to borrow tools and equipment from neighbors, making work very difficult for him.

As a part of your program sponsorship, Kusnadi now has his own tools, pest management equipment, personal protective gear to keep safe and other items required to empower him to routinely apply GAP to increase farm productivity and long term sustainability. 

While Kusnadi's tool pack provides tools required for heavier work on the farm, Wahyuni has received a pack designed for work such as pruning, harvesting and farm sanitation including personal protective equipment as well as to help her carry enough water and food with her while working in the farm.

This pack will significantly help Wahyuni perform her work as previously she just simply went without the tools necessary to perform her work in making do with whatever she could find in the home and carrying very little water into the farm for the day.

You can already see the change in the faces of Kusnadi and Wahyuni, who when we first met them looked sad and without hope. Today they smile knowing they are getting a helping hand to have a productive, sustainable farm and a much brighter future. Thank you NCA!

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