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Fertilizer Application

Posted on September 24, 2013 by Cocoa Care | 1 comment

The IPNI program takes a step forward with the completion of the fertilizing season. 

With the soil and leaf analysis conducted in June to determine the specific needs for each farm, Cocoa Carer's Darwis and Suprapto gathered the farm maps (also taken in June) and visited each farmer to supervise and guide farmers during the fertilizing application process. 

For the majority of the farmers involved in the IPNI program this will be the first time they have fertilized using the correct technique, mixture and quantity. Feeding cocoa trees with fertilizer is not only vital to help keep pests and diseases away and it is essential to help the tree produce at maximum capacity. 

Since their involvement in the Cocoa Care program farmers continue to learn about how to better care for their trees and during the coming months they will also witness the positive effect correct soil care has on their cocoa production. 

Cocoa Carer Darwis demonstrates to the group how much fertilizer to use.(L) and fertilizer application (R)

 L: Farmer Umar is ready to fertilize. R: Farmer Nurdin's wife, Ratnawati, brings fertilzer.

 L: Farmer Nurdin makes a hole to put the fertilizer into. R: Farmer Mulyadi fertilizing.

 L: Farmer Anis weighs out fertilizer. R: Cocoa Carer Suprapto reviews a farm map with the farmers.

 Farmer Iskander (L) and Farmer Aris (R) fertilizing.

 Farmer Muin (L) and Farmer Supriadi (R) fertilizing their cocoa trees.

 L: Farmers Aziz, Mulyadi and Iskander review fertilizing protocol with Cocoa Carer Darwis. R: Farmer Tenri Fertilizing.

With all 22 farms now fertilized, farmers will continue to conduct routine maintenance until the mid crop harvest at the end of the year. 

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  • Carlos Gauggel

    Your note on cocoa fertilization contains very important concepts in correct fertilization practices. Very important that you introduce the article with the concept that fertilization should be done based on soil and leaf analyses.
    Most small farmers and even some relatively large farmers use what ever fertilizer vendors offer them. Well, most small farmers around the world don´t even fertilise.
    Well done, congratulations!!!


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