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Impact Monitoring Training

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June 25-27, 2013.

In order to measure the impact various interventions have on tree productivity the soil, leaves, beans and pods all need to be routinely inspected, tested and recorded. 

Farmers in the IPNI program have already undergone training in soil and leaf sampling and now in: 

  • Cocoa Pod collecting, sorting & recording
  • Cocoa Bean removal, inspection, weighing and recording of wet & dry beans.

Samples are taken under supervision of our Cocoa Carers from the control trees which have been previously marked with a blue ring. 


 L: Collecting cocoa pods from the control trees (identified by blue paint). R: Sorting Cocoa Pods. 

 L: Pods collected and sorted. R: Counting and recording pod quantity and condition.

 L: Removing cocoa beans from the pods. R: Weighing wet beans. 



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