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3 New Farmers Go To Training

Posted on December 17, 2013 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

On December 2-5, the 3 new farmers added to the IPNI program had the same privilege as the first group of farmers who attended training. 

With a combination of in-class and on farm training, these farmers learned about pruning, farm sanitation, correct harvesting techniques, fertilizing, pest management and a range of other topics required to manage cocoa farms in a sustainable and productive way.

Wrapping up the training, a visit to Farmer Hasan and Kodeng's farms that are consistently producing in excess of 2 ton per hectare annually was inspiriting and educational for the new IPNI farmers to learn from Hasan and Kodeng's experience and to see what is possible if they manage their farms correctly. 

Faizal (left), Kaswadi (second from left) and Muin (third from right) arrive at the training facility. 

L: The first of several in-class sessions. R: Faizal learns about pruning. 

L: Learning about fertilizer. R: Kaswadi digging holes for fertilizer

L: Muin applies fertilizer. R: Kaswadi learns to harvest pods correctly

L: Cocoa bean harvesting. R: Faizal loves Farmer Kodeng's cocoa pods!

A very happy team! Cocoa Care farmer training group with Trainer Andi Asri

After 2.5 days of intensive training, Faizal, Kaswadi and Muin returned home with a wealth of information, grateful for this opportunity and very keen to get back and implement their learnings.



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