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Post Pruning Update

Posted on January 07, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

While the farmers are still conducting routine farm maintenance and fertilizing coming up the main crop harvest in May / June.

Usman, Hamza and Hasnul's farms are looking great after pruning. Hasnul was visited by Cocoa Carers Darwis and Suprapto recently while he was performing pest management duties. It was great to see his safety gear in use!

Usman is very happy with the progress of his farm and nice healthy pods are clearly visible in his farm.  

Left: Farmer Hasnul with Cocoa Carers Darwis and Suprapto. Right: Farmer Usman's pruned farm and cocoa pods

We are very happy to see all three farmers sponsored by ICCO being proactive, attending meetings and reaching out to Cocoa Carers for help and support. Thanks again for your support.  


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