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Meeting With Rezki

Posted on December 11, 2013 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

On December 8, 2013 Rezki visited the home of our Cocoa Care advisor Noel Janetski to discuss her current financial situation and to determine how we could best support Rezki in her studies. 

Before contacting Rezki, we had spoken with her father Farmer Darwis who is involved in Cocoa Care programs, to explain that a family from the UK wanted to sponsor a program to help with his daughters university education. 

It is often hard to put into words the reactions we receive from farming families who struggle just to survive. It touches a spot in the heart to hear a father so absolutely grateful that someone wants to help his his daughter have a better future.

So, after getting the OK from her father we invited Rezki to come over and have a chat.

Rezki, or Kiki as her friends call her, was quite shy but openly discussed the costs of her education. Rezki has been living in a shared accommodation house in Makassar City (about 5 hours away from the family home) paid for by her parents since starting university a few months ago.

In addition to accommodation and living costs, Rezki's needs about $230 for the year to pay University fees and purchase books for her 7 subjects. 

To put this into perspective, Farmer Darwis would need to sell about 130kg of cocoa beans, or a quarter of a hectare at historically low yields. Another way to look at it, he would need to sell all the cocoa harvested from 125 trees for a full year. The average Cocoa Care farming family owns between 1-2 hectares producing on average 500kg of cocoa per year so the cost of any education for children is a huge burden for the family. 

So now understanding how we can best help Rezki we informed her that a family from the UK would like to cover her University Fees and pay for her books for the next 12 months. Although Rezki was shy, it was extremely obvious that she was very happy at the news. There was no hiding her sweet smile. 

How one family in a far away land helped a young woman from the cocoa farms of South Sulawesi to have a much brighter future..... more updates to come so please visit this blog again soon. 

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