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Rustam Goes To GAP Training

Posted on September 19, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

On September 10, 2014 Rustam travelled to Tarengge, South Sulawesi along with another group of Cocoa Care program participants to attend a 2 day intensive training session with highly experienced trainers. 

Over the course of the 2 days, Rustam was taught a variety of topics that give provides the fundamental knowledge and skills in GAP (good agricultural practices). Topics included are; Correct pruning techniques, farm sanitation, pest and disease management, fertilizing, pod and bean quality, pod opening, effects of cocoa pod borer on beans (black beans), harvesting and quality control.

In class training sessions are combined with practical classes on a demonstration farm which allows participants to practice their learnings under the guidance of the trainer. At the end of each day the farmers return to the classroom for more learning, Q&A and give presentations to the rest of the group.

These training sessions are also combined with a visit to a demonstration farm which is designed to inspire farmers by showing them a farm that consistently achieves 2 - 3 metric tons per hectare. This provides motivation for them to implement their learnings back on their own farm. 

Rustam and fellow Cocoa Care farmers at the Mars Training Facility in Tarenge, Sulawesi.

Rustam learns and the practices correct pruning techniques.

Learning about the measuring and applying fertilizers.

Left: Practicing applying compost. Right: Pest Management training.

Learning about fertilizers and how to measure them correctly.

A happy Rustam with other completes a very full 2 day GAP Training session.

At the end of the GAP training trip late in the evening on September 12, Rustam returned home with a wealth of information, grateful for this opportunity and very keen to get back to his farms and implement their learnings under the guidance from the Cocoa Care team. On-Farm training with a Cocoa Carer is to follow.



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