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We are pleased to introduce you to Rustam, Hj.Heriani and Hj.Heriani who will be receiving much needed assistance thanks to your sponsorship. 

Farmer Rustam and his wife Hj.Heriani have two sons: 15 year old Muh.Erwin and 10 year old Ahmad Taufiq who are both in primary school. Rustam and Hj.Heriani own 0.5 hectares of cocoa in Labessi, Mariowawo. Rustam will be receiving the training pack that you have sponsored while Hj.Heriani will receive the womens harvest pack. 

Their 0.5 hectare farm produces around 200kg of cocoa per year which equates to USD $380 per year. Given that that cocoa farmers generally obtain a minimum of 50% of their income from cocoa it is vital we help Rustam and Hj.Heriani increase their production in order to have a sustainable farming business.

As with the majority of cocoa farms in this region, Rustam and Hj.Heriani do not manage their farm well nor do they have the resources and knowledge to turn their farm around. The training and tools you are providing them will make a significant difference and should see their productivity double over the next 12-18 months. 

Rustam and his wife Hj.Heriani 

The recipient of the womens tool pack you have sponsored is Ibu Yuliani, wife of Farmer Aris and mother of 12 year old son Yusril. Farmer Aris has recently joined the IPNI cocoa care program and this womens tool pack complements Aris' program nicely by giving them both the equipment needed to perform their roles on the farm.

Ibu Yuliani outside their family home.


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