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Women in Cocoa

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Women play a vital role in the cocoa farming family and Cocoa Care very much recognises this. 

In addition to raising the children and caring for their home and husbands, women are very active on the cocoa farm. On farm activities include (but not limited to): pruning, harvesting, supplying food and water for her husband while he works, bean drying, sorting then bagging for sale as well as the family farm financial management.

If the family has a cocoa nursery, women will also bag up soil, plant seeds, care for the seedlings and prepare seedlings & budwood for sale. 

Women generally lack the tools and materials they need to perform their jobs on the cocoa farm in a safe and effective manner, you can help them make their job easier by sponsoring a womans tool pack today. 

 L: Cocoa Carer Darwis' wife Wahida, preparing seedling bags in the nursery. R: Cocoa Carer Aris' wife Nurlaelah with their son listening into a meeting.

 L: Farmer Faisal's mother sorting cocoa beans. R: Farmer Agusman's wife bagging up budwood for sale.

 L: Farmer Nurdin's wife Ratnawati helping to fertilize their cocoa trees. R: Cocoa Carer Aris' wife Nurlaelah delivers drinks to farmers while they work.







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