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Compost Business Established

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Thanks to Cocoa Care program sponsor International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) and our friends at Mars Indonesia, a compost business has been established in Soppeng Indonesia.  

Why is composting important? In order to improve soil condition, restore and increase soil carbon levels and re-establish natural soil micro-organisms farmers need to add organic materials in the form of compost.  

From June through July a compost house was built by one of the farmer groups involved in the IPNI program, under the supervision of Cocoa Carer Darwis. 

 L: Women shelter from the sun under the compost house roof. R: Compost House completed.


Following the construction of the compost house, Mars Indonesia donated and delivered the necessary compost equipment and provided the essential training in order to produce high quality fertilizer.


  Cocoa Carer Darwis and Farmer Aris learning about composting.


L: Learning how to use the machinery. R: Darwis applies beneficial natural soil microorganisms. 

Farmers involved in the Cocoa Care programs delivered waste from their farms to add to the compost. Cocoa Care pays the Cocoa Farmers Rp 5,000 (USD 0.50c) per bag of waste pods adding value to the cocoa farming system. 

An example of some of the materials that will go into the compost are: 

  • Waste Cocoa Pods 
  • Corn and banana stalks
  • Rice Husks
  • Prunings from shade trees
  • Cocoa Bark Waste from the cocoa paper production. 

 L: Farmer Aris brings waste pods from his farm. R: Some of the materials that go into making compost.






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