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Soil Sampling

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

To measure the full impact that specific interventions might have on soil condition, tree health, tree productivity and bean size (amongst other things) it is important that soil samples are taken for laboratory testing prior to the intervention. 

All 22 cocoa farms involved in the IPNI program, were completely measured and mapped and soil samples collected over a seven day period. This dedicated group of farmers worked day, night & through the rain to ensure the soil samples were collected to allow time for laboratory testing before the fertilizing and composting work could commence. 

 L: Soil sampling underway using a special tool designed for soil sampling. R: Rain wasn't going to stop our farmers from getting the job done!

 L: Cocoa Carer Aris gives soil sampling the thumbs up. R: Farmers learn about soil testing from a Cocoa Carer.

The first soil and leaf samples taken from all 22 farmers participating in the IPNI program have been packaged and sent off for laboratory testing on June 11th 2013.


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