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2 new Cocoa Carers

Posted on June 15, 2013 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Farmer Darwis and Farmer Muharis were two of the first cocoa farmers involved in the Cocoa Care program. As Cocoa care progressed it became evident that these farmers showed great potential to receive extensive specialised training and become Cocoa Carers.

Thanks to sponsorship from the ICCO (International Cocoa Organisation) Darwis and Muharis have commenced Cocoa Carer training and are already heavily involved in other cocoa care programs.They both are teaching and supervising on farm activities as well as being instrumental in a soil research program Cocoa Care is operating.  

What does this mean for Darwis and Muharis? While helping with the other Cocoa Care programs they being paid for their work adding additional income into their household, helping them to better provide for their families.   


 Two very enthusiastic farmers with a life long passion for cocoa and helping fellow farmers to better manage their cocoa farmer. Thumbs up MuhAris!

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