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More training for the IPNI program farmers

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Training Date: May 19, 2013

Having learned the fundamentals of GAP (good agricultural practices) on day 1 of training, day 2 is designed to inspire farmers by showing them a farm that consistently achieves 2 - 3 metric tons per hectare. This provides motivation for them to implement their learnings back on their own farm.

Day 2 started out with a visit to HJ Hasan's farm which is consistently producing 2 ton per hectare. Here they were able to learn from HJ Hasan, a fellow farmer, on how he achieves this productivity. The farmers also took this opportunity to ask HJ Hasan questions and learn from his experience. 

Following this farm visit, it was off to learn about integrated pest management, the importance of using personal protective equipment, good soil management and how to take soil samples. 

At the end of day 2, the cocoa care team and IPNI program farmers returned home with a wealth of information, grateful for this opportunity and very keen to get back and implement their learnings. 

Photo's below:

 L: HJ Hasan talks to farmers about how he achieves 2ton per ha.     R: Farmer Iskander amazed by all the cocoa

IPNI Farmers amazed by the quantity and quality of cocoa on HJ Hasan's farm. 

 R: HJ Hasan's cocoa!     R: Ramil can't help but smile at all this cocoa.

 Learning about integrated pest management & personal protective equipment.

 L & R: Learning how to take soil samples.

 Farmers learn how to perform soil profiling a 1meter depth and find it fun

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