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Welcome to Cocoa Care, a program dedicated to helping cocoa farmers & their families. 

Like many of you, I've enjoyed chocolate and cocoa products for most of my life. However it was 1998 when I privileged to set foot on a cocoa farm and meet the people in the cocoa farms who are instrumental in bring us our chocolaty treats. 

It was not long after then that it became evident that we all needed to step up and help these farmers and families in providing the training and tools necessary to ensure cocoa continues to remain here for us all to enjoy.  

Having created Cocoa Paper, a product that specifically helps women in cocoa farms by allowing them to sell waste bark for the production of cocoa paper, it was at the end of 2012 the concept of Cocoa Care was born. 

A few months on and we have a wonderful group of farmers who desperately need help, a solid group of extremely experienced cocoa advisers to advise on program activities when needed and a team of field workers to help at the farm level. With farmers lining up to join the program, we need your help to help them. 

We hope you enjoy sharing the journey of Cocoa Care with us and look forward to bringing you into the cocoa care family through your donations and by proving updates specific to your chosen activity. 

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