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Success Breeds Success- Sukardi

Posted on July 06, 2015 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Cocoa farmer Sukardi was ready to give up cocoa farming 2 years ago is now a very successful cocoa farmer thanks to support from the Cocoa Care / IPNI program.

Now, Sukardi's farm produces about 2.6 kg per tree, which is about 5 times the national average and many people come to see what he has been able to achieve.

The head of the local government Agricultural Extension service, was so impressed when visiting Sukardi’s farm and his neighbours Kawasdi and Aripe farms ( also Cocoa Care supported famers, said,  "WOW !!  This is fantastic !   How can we help you achieve even more ?"

Sukardi explained that water was a significant problem at some times of the year and that as the climate becomes more unpredictable, he and his neighbours are trying to find ways to access and better manage water resources.  Fortunately there are shallow / replenishable water resources available in the area and Sukardi submitted a proposal to the Government to establish a well, with supporting generator and pump, and a water storage and distribution system to supply his and 4 neighbouring farms.   

His proposal was approved and a small project ($4,000) was implemented to provide access to water during the dry periods of the year significantly reducing income risk going forward and promising to further lift productivity for this small farmer group.


Sukardi is now writing a proposal for fertilizer support for 40 Ha of neighbouring farms !! 

The local Government is very much aware and supports Cocoa Care and its efforts to help cocoa farmers out of their difficulties and onto a path to sustainability and Cocoa Care appreciates the role and efforts of the Government to further improve the sustainability of cocoa farming in Indonesia.  

Thank you IPNI for supporting Sukardi and changing the lives of so many.




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