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Success Breeds Success- MuhAris

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Some Cocoa Care supported farmers are becoming so well known that the government, other companies and even Universities and Research Institutions routinely visit them to see what a successful farm looks like, and some are even offering additional help and support. 

Take Cocoa Carer Muh Aris for example. He and Nurlealah receive visitors at their rehabilitated farm (rehabilitated commencing 2012 in a program sponsored by PT Koko Smart) almost everyday as word spreads of their success. In addition to many farmers, also international visitors, Government people, UNHAS, the Indonesian Cocoa Association, other companies involved in cocoa sustainability, and even companies like Pertamina (the Govt Oil and Gas company) looking for solid opportunities to support farmers with CSR funds. 

Pertamina was so impressed by Muh Aris and Nurleaah’s farm and nursery operations that they decided to help by building another nursery building for them and the farming community they support. 

Muh Aris and Nurlealah now have production capacity for 40,000 top grafted clonal seedlings per year, which they supply mostly to local farmers who buy 50 – 100 seedlings at a time as they work hard to rehabilitate their own farms.

Muh Aris as a trained cocoa carer provides technical support and training to those farmers who seek his help and buy seedlings from him. 

This is a great model for success.

Thank you PT Koko Smart for supporting the development of this private sector agricultural service provider (Cocoa Carer) who has become a key building block of a sustainable cocoa farming community in his area

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