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Empowering Women With Financial Management Skills

Posted on November 12, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Cocoa Care recognizes the critical role that women play in the management of Indonesian cocoa farms and supports their role in a variety of ways. 

Most recently, Cocoa Care has teamed up with SwissContact SCPP Indonesia to strengthen the financial management skills of women in cocoa farming, through the training of trainers in good small business financial practices (GFP).

In Sulawesi, it is usual that the women manage the family finances and control key investment decisions, including the purchase of important farm inputs.  Training in GFP is therefore extremely important to help them keep necessary records and budget correctly to manage their cash flow and save money for important family events and farm inputs.

Good financial management is a critical element of a profitable and long term sustainable cocoa farming business.  

The Swiss Contact "Training Of The Trainers" took place in Soppeng Sulawesi mid September 2014 and amongst them were 13 Cocoa Care Participants.

The training program was held over 3 days and consisted of a variety of topics including: basic cash flow and planning, what a financial institution is and what it expects from a client, about loans and why it is important to repay them, savings and how important it is to save, budgets etc. Sample calculations on things such as farm inputs (fertilizer, pest management materials etc), fermentation boxes, savings etc were provided. All participants were provided the opportunity to present to the group on their learnings and practice the skill of training others. 

The topic surrounding savings is highly important as farmers face challenges when it comes to lending. If savings are calculated into their financial management the challenges around lending can be virtually eliminated.   

Thanks to the help and support from Swiss Contact, we now have a core group of fully trained financial management trainers who will be paid by Cocoa Care to conduct training sessions to all other women in involved in the Cocoa Care programs. 


GFP training on women participating in existing Cocoa Care programs will be conducted during the coming months. We will also be adding this program to our list of support packages so please check back again soon. 

Cocoa Care participants at GFP training were:

  • Ibu Ratnawati (Married to Farmer Nurdin)
  • Ibu Kamasse (Married to Farmer Firman)
  • Ibu Salsia (Married to Farmer Sumange)
  • Ibu Nurlaelah (Married to Cocoa Carer MuhAris)
  • Ibu Asijah (Married to Farmer Sakti)
  • Ibu Syamsuriani (Married to Farmer Faizal)
  • Ibu Nur Amini (Married to Farmer Sukardi )
  • Fitri Wahyudi (Daughter of Farmer Sudirman)
  • Ibu Sumiati (Married to Farmer Tenri )
  • Cocoa Carer Darwis, Cocoa Care Supervisor Zainuddin, Cocoa Care IT Tech. Marsuci and Farmer Aris were also in attendance.



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