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New Cocoa Care Team Member

Posted on April 04, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Cocoa Care welcomes Askar who has joined the Cocoa Care team specifically to monitor the impact of the support programs being provided by IPNI and their partners. Monitoring impacts will clearly demonstrate to the farmers participating in these programs and other farmers in the area. 

Askar, the youngest of 4 children of a cocoa farming family located in Soppeng, has recently graduated from the Agricultural College in Pangkep where he studied Agriculture including Cocoa. 

During his studies and then post graduation, Askar worked with the Mars Incorporated cocoa sustainability group where he was able to expand his understanding of cocoa technology and farmer education. 

In addition to his role as program impact monitor, Askar will also support the Cocoa Care "In Farm Composting Station" program. 


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