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Salsia Takes Iniative

Posted on January 07, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Sometimes we are surprised at the domino effect Cocoa Care sponsorship has, this story is one of those amazing surprises. 

Sumange and Salsia joined the Cocoa Care program in early 2013 and have been working extremely hard to manage their farm to improve productivity and have a more sustainable future.

However, we never expected that during random visit to their farm we would discover Cocoa Carer, and trainer, Farmer Aris was there teaching Salsia how to prune! 

Salsia has always been very active in the farm, usually around harvest time, however she told us that she actually loves working in the farm and wanted to learn and do more. So on her own accord, Salsia reached out to Cocoa Carer Aris and asked him if he would come and teach her to prune. Which he did! 

The initiative Salsia has taken to learn how to prune correctly is a testament to their dedication. We are so proud of her and pleased Cocoa Carer Zainuddin happened to be there and could capture this in photos. 

Salsia learns about pruning from Cocoa Carer Aris. 
Salsia with Cocoa Carer Aris learning how to use a pruning pole
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